Noble Chapel is primarily a brick and stone masonry building. At over 100-years old, Noble Chapel has been a centerpiece of Cypress Lawn Memorial Park since 1893. It was not only the first chapel built at Cypress Lawn, but also one of the first structures erected at the garden cemetery following its founding in 1892. Since its construction, it had been in continuous use as a secular chapel for funerary services until the building’s crematory area was partially destroyed by a fire in May 2013.

As part of the project team assembled to rehabilitate Noble Chapel and restore its historic character, PMR was tasked with treating the chapel’s masonry elements. On the chapel’s west elevation, PMR removed ivy that had grown to completely cover the elevation for at least twenty years, and repaired the damage it had caused to the mortar joints, replacing non-historic mortar with one of a historically appropriate type and color. On the chapel’s roof, PMR removed, cleaned, repaired, and reinstalled the terra cotta units along each of the roof ’s ridges and gable ends.

PMR was also responsible for stabilizing the terra cotta finials at the chapel’s tower, stabilizing and reconstructing stone walls in the crematorium, restoring marble in the chapel’s interior, cleaning and repointing all of the chapel’s exterior masonry, and brick masonry infill in support of building restoration efforts.